Wednesday, February 8, 2012

C&O Canal: Billy Goat Trail, Section C, Carderock

Billy Goat Trail, Section A is one of the most popular hiking trails in the DC area.  But this post is about Billy Goat Trail, Section C which I like equally as much.  The closest parking lot for this trail is 2 miles from the beltway at the Carderock Recreational Area on the C&O Canal.  Here are some pictures from my recent hike:

Billy Goat Trail - Follow the blue markers

Learned how to climb with ropes when I was younger here.

Views of a quiet side stream of the Potomac River

Follow the markers!

Beautiful overlooks all along the trail.

The sweeping current of the Potomac River

Rushing rapids

Rapids in the Potomac River provide beautiful background sound while hiking!

Woodpecker - I had to super zoom to get this!  Disclaimer: I am not a bird watcher.

Tidewater pond

The DC Beltway!

Me :o)

Unofficial east end of Billy Goat Trail, see the Beltway down the towpath.

Lock 14 just north of the Beltway

Lucky Lock 13 is under the Beltway!  All the times I've driven over it and didn't know...

Official East End of Billy Goat Trail, Section C.  I followed the trail further to an unofficial exit along a creek.

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